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Hi! My name is Joely,I was diagnosed when I was 2 as Autistic and ADHD,and I now love my Disability Autism.How may I help you?

My Autistic Wings
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My Autistic Wings
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My Autistic Wings Book Trailer Chapter insights

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Thanks to support, I'm now a passionate multi World and National Award Winning Autism Advocate, Motivational Speaker, Autism Trainer and Best Selling Author of my new book "AspergerWorld: My Fairy Jam Jar".

​Delve into 'My Autistic Wings'; and discover the hidden depths of my Autism from my unique Autistic female, award winning and 20 year professional perspective. My Autism is my hyper focus, and so its my biggest passion to challenge negative perceptions and empower understanding of my unique disabilities many fascinating traits, invisible depths and quirky gifts. 


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