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Motivational Speaking

Joely is a member of the UKs Leading NO1 Motivational Speaking Agency for Educational and Care Settings called 'School Speakers'.
You may see Joely's profile here:

Joely Williams is a disabled, multi world and national award winning International / National motivational speaker, autism advocate and author of 'AspergerWorld: My Fairy Jam Jar', who is passionate about raising understanding of her disability - a gift called Autism, alongside, autism's hidden depths and quirks. Through the power of words Joely can mesmerize hundreds of people, and coax them to delve into the depths of a world so different to their own - and learn to understand the 'why', from her unique autistic, female, personal and professional perspective.

As a young women who is Autistic, Joely can give a unique insight into the incredible depths of her fascinating disability and mental health issues, and Joelys lived experiences of life on the autistic spectrum, being a survivor of bullying, abuse, gaslighting and mate crime. She has been committed to many years of volunteering and working with disabled and autistic young people, and has made her disability her biggest motivation, articulately able to bring untold clinical information to life, with stories that inspire hopeful hearts and usher tearful eyes.

For example speech topics may include:

* Unintentional Gaslighting (and why there is no shame)
* Mental Health, Mindfulness and Healthy Mindsets
* The hardships and quirks of my Autism Disability
* Why Autism can be a disability AND a gift.
* Education and Learning Environments
* Reasonable Adjustments
* Life skills and self care
* Transitional Care
* Childhood timelines stories
* Reasonable Adjustments / access
* Life Lessons To Thriving as an Autistic Person
* Mate Crime, Bullying and Healthy Relationships
* Volunteering / Autism Activism and Empowerment

* Holistic Approaches to self care and Independence Training​

Joely adores traveling to meet people, hearing stories, learning from everyone and sharing insights 121 with Question and Answers sessions. Every speech is bespoke and tailored to the specific requirements of the audience with appropriate 'Topic Inserts' added where necessary.

For instance, If there is a topic unlisted, Joely may still be able to share her insights or expertise on the topic if requested.

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What I offer,
at a glance...

* Tailored and
Bespoke speeches

* Choose from an extensive list
of speech topics and themes

* Travel to anywhere in the UK - and
internationally with adequate arrangements

* Free, signed AspergerWorld Book
with any 2024 speech or
workshop booking

* Accessible fees

Motivational Speaking Reviews

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- ISL, International School Of Lausanne, Switzerland:

“*Last week International School of Lausanne, I had the privilege to support Joely Williams in facilitating a workshop where she inspired our year 9 students to see beyond the label of autism.


Witnessing Joely enable the students to empathise with her lived experience was truly awesome. She challenged the notions of what constitutes normal and celebrated her non-linear path to success with such humility, vulnerability and joy that we were all inspired by her story.


I highly recommend Joely's workshop for schools and I am looking forward to reading her book about her transition from school to university My Autistic Wings."

"I would like to thank you for the thoughtful and creative way you introduced Autism to our student community. A huge thank you for sharing your expertise and personal experiences with our students.

Your workshop was engaging and introduced students to news perspectives and experiences.
We are extremely grateful .."


“I once again thoroughly enjoyed learning from you. We have heard so many positive comments from students and staff. “

“thank you for visiting us again, for sharing your story and for challenging our students’ perceptions. I know our students have had a positive experience and learned a great deal in your workshop."


- Attendee in Vancouver, Canada -
World Autism Festival: 

"We were so inspired listening to your experiences. the disable the label activity was eye opening and I really enjoyed getting creative drawing all the positive of Autism spectrum onto the tee. really fabulous to shatter what you think you know and make it more positive with out the box approached. forget the box. throw it away, totally aceing it and I am blessed to be a part of this epic, differ affirming workshop and interactive speech"

- Nicky Hayden, Senior Practitioner, Five Rivers Childcarer:
"The session was a great success - thank you. Joely was informative and interesting and the foster carers felt inspired by listening to her experiences.



LVS Autism Academy, Oxford:

"Students at *an Autism Specialist* School, were lucky enough to be visited by Joely Williams this World Book Day...

During her visit Joely ran an assembly for our Autistic stude
nts and went through inspiring life lessons, to help students feel empowered and embrace their differences.

Joely never shied away from the hardships she has experienced, but explained to students how learning to love herself, and the parts that made her different, helped her flourish.

In the presentation she said "These hardships do not mean that I have no hope, these hardships only mean I need a bit more support, than other people, to thrive"

Meeting a role model, who is both Autistic and an writer, was an incredible experience for our students, many of which our aspiring writers themselves. *Ben, year 8, says "
What would I say about it - breath-taking - it was a breath-taking experience. It made me feel comfortable and I wish to be an author too."

... The experience of meeting Joely Williams is a memory our students are not likely to forget and was beautifully summarised by *Jennifer, year 10 - when she said 
"It helped me to feel empowered and to accept my Autism and be proud of it" 


- SkyLarks Charity:
“…A huge thank you for your incredibly inspiring talk to our ************ group. Everyone found it extremely helpful & insightful, and there was resounding thanks & positive feedback from the group after your presentation…”Had my ** year old daughter join to listen and it was beautiful for her to hear”….”This is so helpful I am really reflecting on my approach with my ** year old”…. “Wonderful so so great. You are amazing”…. “So inspiring and makes me feel hopeful for the future”….”Thanks so much. Lots to think about.”

Thank you for sharing your story & advice in such a personal way. The session has given us all extremely helpful & practical advice in supporting & empowering our girls. I found it very moving and so hopeful.”



Girls connect, Autism charity staff:
"...You spoke so beautifully and with such passion and compassion at {our event}.... Following your beautiful & inspiring talk at the event, {we want to thank you....} Hearing you talk was very powerful and we thought you would have lots of interesting insights.... Your expertise, experience and the support that you can provide would be of huge interest to our group for our autistic girls.... It was empowering and so insightful. We would be delighted to hear you speak again..."


AW LOGO3.png

- Dave Howard, from BBC and Radio 1:

"Joelys Strength of personality shone... saying she 'loves' her disability and that it is a 'gift' is a powerful and important message to send to peers and younger people with similar *neurodivergence* ....Joely also has a rare talent in that she is exceptionally good at articulating what its like to *be Autistic*.

I was blown away by the candid, honest and positive insight that she was able to provide... So much of the content she provided was so compelling and insightful.

She so clearly has a passion for positively representing her disability, and for putting herself 'out there' as a role model for others'

- SENCO at a child care service, in Dorset:
"Joely shares her life experiences and challenges with an aim to inspire and empower and teach Autistic individuals the joy of self acceptance. For professionals Her compelling true stories that bring understanding to life and she provides invaluable advice, and uses open communication to truly support autistic people. Joelys talk and just meeting our young people, has changed a dynamic at our setting and we are very grateful to Joely for how she has helped them so far." 

Online Autism event with the National Autistic Charities:
“Thank you Joely, that was wonderful what an inspiration. ….” “Joely you are so inspiring!!!” “thank you so much, i think I just learned more about Autism in the past few minutes than i have in the last 20 years!…” “you spoke so elouently about how school was difficult and how you as a child with autism was not able to understand why things and people were so difficult to understand.” “…Amazing Joely!!….” “Thank you Joely.” “That was fantastic! …” “Just wanted to thank you, it’s been really informative and you have been amazing!!”  “Thank you Joely, that was wonderful what an inspiration.” “thank you soooo much. One of my fav online events so far :) …”

"Assistant head of Sixth form, Clayesmore school:"
Joely was fantastic and prompted a lot of conversations between staff and students the next day. Thank you"


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