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Contact Joely,
at 'My Autistic Wings'...

Joely says:
"I love hearing from you all,
so please contact me if you wish to share your story, think I could 'sign-post' role models, resources or services, have ideas for a new advocacy campaign, wish to collaborate,
or have any questions for me..."
Joely says: "Thank you for contacting me; I look forward to chatting and learning more..."
'My Autistic Wings Autism Advocacy' is based in Bournemouth - UK; However, Joely loves to travel and meet you all! Joely says:
"Please contact me, and find out if there is anything I can do to help you... I look forward to meeting you, sharing stories and learning more about what Autism means to you. Lets try to change lives, together..."
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Thank you! Joely Will be in Touch Shortly.

Joely says: "Thank you for querying; I look forward to learning more,
and I will send you a price quote and details of how I can help, soon."
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