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Speeches and Autism Understanding Sessions

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in 2024/25: Invite Joely to observe
your student or child, and she will write
a detailed report of findings based on her
new books content, to assists with diagnosis and better understanding of individual. Based on 20 years professional experience, working as a 121 with Autistic and Neurodivergent children
/ teens and writing reports to help towards gaining reasonable adjustments
and / or diagnosis. Enquire
for guidance

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Consultancy / observational reports

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"Joely is a young individual who has Aspergers Syndrome / Autism ...who braced us with her presence on stage... It was inspiring, moving and heartfelt... Joely’s speech was said with ease and integrity and by far she stole the show."


Anonymous Health Watch Employee



(I Spoke at the National Children and Adult Services annual conference for NHS England and the Department for Health, in front of 300-400 seniors and Directors of Health in England)


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“The best training session I have ever had the pleasure to attend. Brilliant autism training workshop; I learnt a lot from how amazingly literate and articulate Joely is. Very informative, inspiring, interesting and emotional; great activities and props to provide greater understanding and fuller insights into the world of autism, and life of someone with Autistic Spectrum Disorders, and a reality check for all that we take for granted. I was interested throughout, and it was all very enjoyable and informative. I understand more. It was brilliant actually hearing from your personal experience. Truly inspiring. Helped me to understand Autism more. I would certainly recommend AspergerWorld to an interested friend"

Professionals at ‘Diverse Abilities’ and ‘Barnabas’ Disability Charities.


"I shall be eternally grateful to Joely for all the help, support and guidance that she is now providing to the students at our school who I work with, and to me and their families too. Witnessing how Joely's work with these students is already showing amazing outcomes and possibilities for them; giving them the confidence and feeling of self-worth, a sense of being valued as an individual. Just meeting, speaking and listening to Joely has been a ground breaking move forwards into a far better future for all of us at school."

Belinda Norman, Former SEN Teacher Assistant, Avonbourne Enterprise College

You might be interested in... My Autistic Wings advocacy blog, where I detail my second Switzerland tour where I delivered speeches, and interactive autism understanding workshops in schools!

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Learn more about Autism, mental health and disability with my Books :-)

Please read my disclaimer before contacting me to query about my services or learn from my advocacy... © Joely Williams 2020 Disclaimer I refer to myself as a professional; however, this is due to my experiences as an Autistic individual and my experiences as an Autism Activist, advocate and child-carer / youth worker (20 and 10 years respectively); not due to my qualifications. I hope to educate and inspire others with my inside knowledge. I cannot guarantee any personal success, inner autism acceptance or results relating to progress as a result of my insights, opinions, advocacy, books, workshops, speeches or 121 sessions, and I will not be held responsible for any lack of success or progress. My services, whether they be speaking, workshops, 121 or advocacy, should not be a replacement for professional diagnosis, medication, or therapy. Safety measures and action plans have been tailored to the event or necessity, however, anyone participating in my workshops or training sessions are doing so at their own risk, I do not and cannot take any responsibility for any damage to person or products / equipment. Professionals, such as teachers, doctors and therapist should be consulted before any life style changes are made. Everything within these training sessions, are designed and written from my experiences and my own personal opinions, and what works for me, may not work for everyone else, and I cannot take responsibility for this.

Here are a few businesses Joely has worked with...

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