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Autism myths that I Fit & shamelessly defy!

Stereotypes I FIT:

* I'm very sensitive to sensory stimuli (loud, complex noises) & I get overloaded quickly

* I shutdown & overload HARDDDDDD which means I also:

* can’t work in traditional jobs, but especially without 121 24 hour support

* I take a lot of things literally

* I am a awkward turtle

* I say things like awkward turtle

* I look for patterns, in language, psychology, history & humanities & find it FASCINATING. I easily fixate or focus on new projects based on these ‘narrow interests’

*I don’t make eye contact much & struggle to process information or communicate effectively in social situations

* I struggle with self care & have 18/100 life skills, needing 121 24 hour care support


Autism myths I Defy:

* I'm very imaginative & creative

* I'm extremely empathetic

* I'm SO bad at maths & really can’t make sense of patterns or numbers (even though 121 help from an understanding tutor((my brother)) once proved to get me from an F to a B literally overnight!)

* I’m in love & in a incredibly loving marriage & relationship with (neurotypical) family

* I’m actually very good at reading subtle body language, eyes, facial expressions & social cues. Often, more than any of my neurotypical peers, family or friends. Making connections & then Processing what to do & also having the capability to do it effectively, is more the issue.

* I’m female & diagnosed at 2

* I avoid numbers, graphs & equations like I avoid people (Ps-I now literally avoid people like the plague, too!). ️

* I am selfless, loyal, hardworking, justice seeking & can be extremely capable- when given an accessible & well supported chance!

* when I was capable I used to sensory seek & go out dancing in busy, loud, night clubs or festivals. (But true to the myths, I was ALWAYS sober & don’t drink)

* I’m independent, successful & happy-even with only 18/100 life skills

What autism myths do you (or your loved one) fit, or defy? Let’s chat!


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