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Dear people who don’t understand #MyAutism :-)

* I wish you knew that I don’t need to be ‘normal’ to be worthy or the best I can be.

* I wish you knew about the the times I’d scream at myself, for not being ‘good’, or for my ‘mistakes’. * I wish you knew how harmful it is when you say I’m not really #Autistic #IWishYouKnew that just because I appear capable or ‘not autistic’ does not mean I’m not being disabled by my autism ALL the time-I’m not any less autistic. * I wish you knew that it’s not a compliment to say I’m ‘not really that autistic’ or ‘everyone’s a bit autistic’ or “you’re not disabled-don’t be negative!” * I wish you knew that I’m not ‘more than my autism’ & how negative or hateful this language actually is -as it means that autism is a bad thing that you should aim to be ‘more than’-as autism is a negative that shouldn’t be a part of you.

* I wish you knew my autism is not a bad thing -It’s beautiful, honest, loyal, passionate, motivated, upstanding, selfless & justice seeking. My disability is not a negative perspective-I love my disability

* I wish you knew that calling myself disabled is a identity that embraces all of me - not shaming or undermining my struggles or teaching that I should not be 100% who I am, by empowering me to be & accept 100% of me-my Autism, quirks, hardships, gifts, disability & all.

But most of all... * I wish you knew how traumatising your lack of understanding is, when you gaslighted & tried to force me to do things that weren’t natural; When you taught me I was wrong to be myself - when you forced me to #WearAMask & hide myself/my #Autism.

* I wish you knew... that there’s no shame that you gaslighted or didn’t know how to help me

-you were brain washed like the rest of our worlds public to believe a eugenics & perfection obsessed society, to think Autism /disability is bad & should be moulded into normality to ‘help’ us. you were brainwashed to believe lies when you were searching to help - It’s not your fault. What matters now is you trying to challenge your misconceptions & your own ableism or gaslighting so we can empower autistic people to thrive! x <3 x


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